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Hair Removal Exfoliator System


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Handheld SPA Massager – Hair removal System & Exfoliator

This is a great multifunction spa treatment system. Our system eliminates unwanted hair while providing a gentle exfoliation treatment. The result is Smooth and soft hairless skin. Our Spa treatment system leaves your skin feeling radiant and renewed with no skin irritation and no pain!

Why go to the Health Spa for treatment when you can do it yourself in the comfort of your own home? Each hair removal exfoliator pad is covered with micro fine crystals that gently buff away hair and effectively exfoliate the skin at the same time. The SPA massager rotates at a speed of 550 times per minute, this speeds up the whole massage process and removes hair swiftly and effectively.

As well as hair removal and exfoliation, the Handheld SPA Massager comes with a range of accessories for smoothing the skin on your feet, macro/micro body massages, buffering up your body, sensitive body hair removal attachments (such for the face and bikini line) and a deep cleansing attachment. The Handheld SPA Massager is a total solution to all your body needs.

The Handheld SPA Massager is used by Health care professionals and home users alike. Its excellent performance receives much deserved praise.  

Package Contains:
1 X Handheld SPA Massager - Hair Removal & Dry Skin Exfoliator
1 X Foot smoother
1 X Pumice stone
1 X Macro massage module
1 X Micro massage module
1 X Body buffer
1 X Facial and bikini line hair removal
1 X Deep cleanser brush

£39.99 inc. tax

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